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Wind Power Generation-JD-500W

Wind Power Generation-JD-500W
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Wind Power Generator
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1 piece
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Sat, 16 Jul 2011 14:27:44 GMT

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Rated Output(W)  500
Rated output voltage(V)                            


Wind Power Generationn

Rated Output(W)   500
Rated output voltage(V)   24
Blade Diameter(m)   2.5
Startup wind speed(m/s)   2
Rated wind speed(m/s)   8
safe wind speed(m/s)   35
Speed protection   Manual
Rated rotating speed(r/m)   400
Material of crust   aluminum metal
Material of blade   Glass fiber
Number of blade   3
Guy Cable Tower Altitude of tower(m) 6
  thickness of tower(mm) 3.25
  diameter of tower(mm) 89
unattached tower height of tower(m) 8
Allocated Battery   12V200AH 2pce
Inverter   Sine Wave Inverter